single sink bathroom vanity with top 2

single sink bathroom vanity with top 2
photograph single sink bathroom vanity with top 2
picture single sink bathroom vanity with top 2

Shop by Size: 41 - 72 Inches WideHave a large space for a vanity? If you want to maximize countertop space, and only need one sink, this selection offers widths that range from 41-72 inches. The single sink style is presented in a large variety of types to suit any decor style. The function of the cabinet in the bathroom is crucial, not only for the beauty of the space but also because of the functionality it provides for the sink and storage area.

Vessel Sink VanitiesA sink vessel is a unique way to add both form and function to the bathroom. A vessel sink sits on top of the countertop. Though a vessel sink is often considered modern, you can see from this collection that you can also find styles ranging from natural looking vines twined together to form the base, to simple but elegantly designed cabinets.

Modern StyleA modern bathroom decor deserves a vanity that fits in well with this style. This selection of single vanities comes in wall mount and free standing, many with flat panel doors and drawers for the minimalist look. Many finish colors to choose from, including white, espresso and black.

Single Vanities Without Counter TopsThe selection of vanities without countertops available within this collection allow the client to choose exactly what they are looking for. The cabinets are available with the choice of counter tops, or can be purchased without the countertop to enable the home owner to get just what they are looking for. The counter top choices available make it easy to match the decor of the bathroom they are to be installed in. From modern to elegantly traditional, the selections available here are sure to enhance the bathroom with both style and function.

Shop by Size: 12 -30 Inches WideThese single sink vanities are small in size, ranging from 12 to 30 inches, but they provide a lot of style and great functionality for the bathroom. The pieces in this collection include pedestal sinks designed to look like natural plant vines, and vanities that have a sleek modern style that are mounted on the wall to save space. Perfect for a powder bath, or for a room with limited space.

Shop by Size: 36 - 40 Inches WideDo you have up to 40 inches wide for a new vanity? We offer over 250 vanities ranging from 36 - 40 inches in width, so you can maximize your allowable space. There are several vanities with offset sinks in this size range. Our dimensions include the largest measurement on each side. Most often the widest point is the countertop, but on some vanities, it could be the cabinet or base depending on any moldings

Shop by Size: 31 - 35 Inches WideWe have over 100 bath vanities to choose from in the size range of 31 - 35 inches wide. Our collection includes both free standing and wall mount cabinets in a wide array of finishes. Before shopping for bathroom cabinetry, be sure to have an accurate measurement of both your width and depth allowance, as this is generally the first thing you need to consider.

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