Japanese Bathroom Decor

Japanese Bathroom Decor

There are two trends in Japanese bathroom design. The first is considered to be plainer, as the number of decorative elements is minimized. This trend is suitable for small Japanese bathroom design. And the second assumes that the modern Japanese bathroom definitely should be decorated with colorful, unusual panels in Oriental style, bright borders and other decorations. Landscapes and pictures with hieroglyphs and ornaments occupy an important place in Japanese style room decoration. Without them Japanese themed bathroom would not have the necessary note of eastern exotic.
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Japanese Bathroom Decor

3 . Handmade bathroom furniture, decor accessories and bathroom tubs are great items for bathroom design in Japanese style. Almost every object in Japanese bathroom should look like made by hand, blending old traditions into modern interior design and creating very unique Asian interior decorating.
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Japanese Bathroom Decor

While it’s not uncommon to think of a bathroom space in the home as a place that is visited only briefly, the Japanese have a different take on this room. In Japanese culture, a bathroom is a space for rest and rejuvenation as much as it is for cleanliness.  Because it’s a space that is lingered in, a Japanese-style bathroom is built for enjoying, and not simply efficiency.
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Japanese Bathroom Decor

The beauty in a Japanese-style bathroom is found in the delicate details that are incorporated. Japan is an island and as a result, Japanese culture is saturated in dedications and references to the power of water. Many Japanese bathrooms incorporate water or waterfall effects in some form. For example, a small stone fountain on a bathroom countertop not only creates a pleasing and natural visual effect, but incorporates natural sound into your relaxing environment.
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Japanese Bathroom Decor

Wooden bathtubs are traditional for the Asian countries, and this hot design trend originates from there. Include a traditional soaking wooden bathtub if possible, it’s called ofuro. Such a bathtub is amazing for relaxing and will make your bathroom a spa-like one. Continue the idea covering the shower floor with wood of the same shade.Japanese ofuro bathtub and shower floor clad with woodfree-standing hinoki wood Japanese tubminimalist soaking bathtub placed in black pebbles with a cool view will make relaxation fullanother type of soaking bathtub that can be sharedwooden soaking bathtub with a viewtraditional square soaking tub and a view to enjoy is a perfect bathroom combowooden ofuro is the best choice if you can accomodate onecover a usual soaking tub with wood and the shower space also to achieve that Japanese-inspired look
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Japanese Bathroom Decor

Only Japanese bathrooms can mix minimalist design with luxurious materials and get such a perfect, natural , Zen look, that’s why no other bathroom will revitalize you like a Japanese one. Turn your bathroom is a chic Japanese spa and you’ll never want to leave it.
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Japanese Bathroom Decor

If you plan to remodel your bathroom in Japanese style you should take into account the location of light fixtures. Illumination shall be made in a uniform manner. Typically, a Japanese room combines natural and artificial lighting, which is not always possible to achieve in small urban bathrooms. Lighting in oriental style, as a rule, is strongly accented. It serves to highlight a particular element of bathroom decor. So try to determine at the very beginning which area will be emphasized with light.
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Japanese Bathroom Decor

5. Interior design in minimalist style with its straight lines and lack of decor helps create beautiful, clutter-free, simple and elegant bathroom design and decorating in Japanese style. Modern bathroom soaking tubs in Japanese style
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6. Japanese soaking tubs are focal points of bathroom design. Bathing is an art and spiritual activity in Japan. People like to be in the hot water surrounded by stones. a small terrace for doing yoga overlooking the bathroom, or doors that connect bathroom design with outdoors are great interior design ideas that invite Japanese style into modern homes. Wood and large window, Asian interior design ideas for modern bathrooms
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7. The connection with the nature is the key element of modern bathroom design in Japanese style. A window with a nice view of the garden or a beautiful landscape painting on the wall, a skylight that bring natural light into bathroom interiors and items created with natural materials strengthen the collection with the nature, and bring harmony and balance into modern bathroom design in Japanese style. Natural materials and Asian interior design ideas in minimalist style for modern bathrooms
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10. Water and sounds are important for Asian bathroom design and decorating. The sound of water creates a peaceful atmosphere and enhances calming interior design and decorating in Japanese style. A water fountain in the courtyard, which sound can be heard in the bathroom, is an excellent idea for modern bathroom design in Japanese style.
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9. Lighting design should feature dimmers that enhance Japanese bathroom design with a very pleasant, soothing effect and soft glow. Natural light is ideal for creating quiet, relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere of the Japanese bathroom.
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Don’t forget to bring bamboo into your décor wherever possible, but with a clear purpose. Whether it’s bamboo floors, trim or plants, it’s a feature worth investing in. Bamboo is going to seamlessly incorporate a natural feel with the moisture resistance a bathroom requires to stand up under general use. Similarly, it’s one of the world’s most renewable resources, which means your Japanese-style bathroom not only provides Zen, but works side by side with nature.
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2 . Neutral color palette brings relaxation and comfort into bathroom design. Brown color shades add natural energy to interior decorating. Festive orange color shades, light and dark brown colors, sand, creamy white and light gray color tones are great for Asian interior decorating. Modern bathroom design and simple decor in Japanese style
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All the components of room design inspired by Japanese style have strict shapes and are located symmetrically. Japanese bathroom design for small space suggests using glass to visually expand the space. Another interesting option would be using white color in the interior, river pebbles, green plants and a large oval mirror that will make the room seem larger.
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Much like a Japanese garden, a Japanese style bathroom must be built with nature in mind. Utilizing greenery such as bamboo plants or mossy potted plants is a key element to creating the feeling that the peaceful natural world can exist within your walls.  Placement of these plants is just as essential. Make sure that bamboo plants or potted moss is lined up in pleasing, lines that don’t overwhelm the senses.
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The en suite on the third floor isn’t your typical bathroom. ‘We wanted to create a Japanese-style space,’ says Chris. ‘Cedar is a great wood for Japanese baths, so we decided to use it in here for the basin, bath, floor and panelling.’ The bath is smaller and deeper than an ordinary bath, with the idea that you dunk yourself into the deep, hot water, and then step out into a cold shower.
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Life does not stand still, and even in Japan people are guided not only by tradition, but also by common sense, while selecting finishing materials for their homes. Color palette in traditional Japanese bathroom is natural, but bright red or green decor elements must be present there. Walls and floor are decorated with tiles, and for partitions and ceiling you can use light bamboo as well as plaited bars and rice paper. And it is better to choose galvanized metal, acrylic, innovative composite materials with antibacterial properties for the bathtub.
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Asian interior decorating style include ideas from different Asian regions. Balinese decor, Indonesian and Thai interior decorating ideas, Japanese design and Chinese or Vietnamese ideas can be used for creating modern bathroom design in Asian style.
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Asian bathroom design is about ultimate relaxation. Beautiful and functional, modern bathroom design ideas in Asian style create relaxing and pleasant, functional and comfortable, spa-like rooms. Lushome collection of Asian bathroom design ideas gives great inspirations for bringing exotic Asian style into your bathroom interiors.
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It doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary bathroom into a more Japanese style. The first step is to declutter like crazy. Keep everything so clean and simple that it is beautiful. You want to have a minimalist feeling bathroom, and this means stripping everything down. Once that is done, you only really need one
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Is your bathroom a Zen and tranquil space? If not, consider following this guide to achieve a Japanese-style bathroom.  It’s guaranteed to add a calm, relaxing element to your busy home.
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Tilt added a bay window to gain more space for a Japanese-style tub in the downstairs bathroom, and to connect to the garden. Artist Morgan carved the door. Wall paint: Tea, Benjamin Moore.
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Behind that partition however, hygiene is of the upmost importance in a Japanese-style bathroom. In fact, most of these bathrooms do not host a standard toilet, but instead, utilize a bidet. These features are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit bathrooms of all types.
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Feeling tired? Want rejuvenation? Then a refreshing shower or a calming bath is right what you need. There is simply nothing like a rejuvenating and relaxing bath to soothe your aching sense, revitalize you with energy and to offer you some much needed time away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. And when it comes to the best spaces to rejuvenate and feeling peaceful, there’s nothing better than a Japanese-styled bathroom.

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